Americas Cheapest Family...

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  1. Sugandha Bagga
    Sugandha Bagga
    8 minuter sedan

    Why are all the husbands sleepy AF😅

  2. sid a
    sid a
    33 minuter sedan

    3 min ad wtf pewd

  3. Chocolate pog
    Chocolate pog
    46 minuter sedan

    Was the intro a hiakyuu reference?

  4. Ekebert Esken
    Ekebert Esken
    Timme sedan

    Felix's mic is always overloading lol, you can hear those hurtful frequencies cause the gain is too loud

  5. rambo
    Timme sedan

    make the vide louder bro

  6. haydn guess
    haydn guess
    2 timmar sedan

    i hate this guy so fricking much

  7. LunaBit
    3 timmar sedan

    Pewds, I can't believe you legit thought that they could find 'matching' carpet. Their old carpet is so freakin' dirty there was no way they'd find a match. The moment they said they just wanted to change patches of it, I died a little inside.

  8. Curtis White
    Curtis White
    3 timmar sedan

    That intro was god tier

  9. Rice Cooker
    Rice Cooker
    3 timmar sedan

    Better title: uneducated city baby boomers try to sustain themselves in an increasingly expensive city instead of moving to a better area with better living conditions, leading to their kids hating them later on in life.

  10. ivan ristic
    ivan ristic
    3 timmar sedan


  11. Marta M
    Marta M
    3 timmar sedan

    I feel like TLC actually stages all of it, especially when I look at those people’s houses. It can’t be real.

  12. BobTheLegend
    3 timmar sedan

    Just download lord's mobile

  13. bigcacke
    3 timmar sedan

    That carpet seller is so done with those people he hates em so much 😹😹💀💀💀

    1. bigcacke
      3 timmar sedan

      The 2nd wamen... Just buy a toilet with an ass washer.

  14. Cody Li
    Cody Li
    4 timmar sedan

    The agonizing italian exceptionally crush because conifer timely concern but a material donna. sincere, violet sister

  15. Cinnamon Fudge
    Cinnamon Fudge
    4 timmar sedan

    i get saving money, but this is lazy

  16. **DJ's**
    4 timmar sedan

    The mom looks like a meth addict

  17. Korak 55
    Korak 55
    5 timmar sedan

    That bacon looks uncooked as fuck

  18. Fredrik Lundquist
    Fredrik Lundquist
    5 timmar sedan

    Five minute craft house

  19. Idho Kung
    Idho Kung
    5 timmar sedan

    Big home But cheap af

  20. Peter Brazeal
    Peter Brazeal
    5 timmar sedan

    Lookin like a trap house

  21. chris07081
    5 timmar sedan

    All these sacrifices and they money they save is not really that much

  22. Tommy Blackout
    Tommy Blackout
    5 timmar sedan

    seems like a classic american family full in debt for there house, trying to save as much mpney as possible

  23. Genie Laroche
    Genie Laroche
    6 timmar sedan

    i wanna know what they are using all of the money they've saved for, if not for necessities like idk water

  24. Sound Fx
    Sound Fx
    6 timmar sedan

    the shower i would do the same just

  25. chad ntm
    chad ntm
    6 timmar sedan

    CLEARLY you don't play lords mobile xD none of the footage are part of the game lmao complete garbagio

  26. rattwat
    6 timmar sedan

    those kids are gonna need so much therapy

  27. Chris DeMario
    Chris DeMario
    6 timmar sedan

    why would a service that could potentially make it into the court in service in volleyball make it in on a death punch from the server? This is a service that is beyond inconceivable. work it out better bro.

  28. Uber Dashcam News
    Uber Dashcam News
    7 timmar sedan

    This guy so cheap that he probably use reusable condoms and that's how he got the kids

  29. The Miracle Brace
    The Miracle Brace
    7 timmar sedan

    I got sick watching this video

  30. 1488
    7 timmar sedan

    pewdiepie u ruined my life

  31. AVspectre
    7 timmar sedan

    I was just listening at the start and that the sponsor was ‘Lord Smallmouth’ for a long while. :)

  32. MrR3set un
    MrR3set un
    7 timmar sedan

    Audio was really bad on this one could barely hear what they were saying

  33. Axel Zambrano
    Axel Zambrano
    7 timmar sedan

    watch millionaire being cheap.mp4

  34. This account is Dumb
    This account is Dumb
    8 timmar sedan

    🤢 🤮

  35. Intnyr & Ambryl
    Intnyr & Ambryl
    8 timmar sedan

    i love the intro so much!!

  36. Derek Baack
    Derek Baack
    8 timmar sedan

    Coco melon

  37. Kyle Shley
    Kyle Shley
    8 timmar sedan

    14:41 I’ve never heard you luagh like this?😂

  38. Zé Oliveira
    Zé Oliveira
    8 timmar sedan

    20:23 Gordon Ramsay literally did that with his kids and Turkey's on 'The F Word' 😂

  39. Allie
    9 timmar sedan

    Why even buy that big of a house then if they're so frugal they won't buy real furniture for their children to use? I mean I can understand financial issues but like second hand store that ish if you CAN mannnnn (Again no judgement if they can't afford it)

  40. Lexie Duesler
    Lexie Duesler
    9 timmar sedan

    These guys aren't cheap, they're just stupid 🙄

  41. Not Mark
    Not Mark
    9 timmar sedan

    7:18 Someone put this over R2D2 please

  42. azel weerasingha
    azel weerasingha
    9 timmar sedan

    Lets pray for them guys..🙏 🤭

  43. Onesad Boi
    Onesad Boi
    9 timmar sedan

    It actually doesnt save you money on eggs to raise a chicken. The cost of the supplies and food can outweigh the cost of eggs. Chickens kept by families are usually pets.

  44. 99worldz
    9 timmar sedan

    Western people : laugh at this Me : wait it is funny? I did it all the time

  45. Lylahg1rl 821
    Lylahg1rl 821
    9 timmar sedan

    I love how the mom is like “Furniture can cost 10 to 20,000 dollars”. This woman is dumb because I looked up how much do sofas cost and the highest price was 1,000 dollars. She is so dumb

  46. Satsang Patel
    Satsang Patel
    9 timmar sedan

    if i buy a house, i will buy. new furniture anyway

  47. Satsang Patel
    Satsang Patel
    9 timmar sedan

    he. said stage the room, i bought my house and the picture where of empty rooms

  48. TTS Bodyshot
    TTS Bodyshot
    9 timmar sedan

    Yo pewds. I own pigs on my little farm, we raise and harvest them. I know for a fact these people aint gonna be slaughtering pigs. And it costs a ton of money to raise animals aswell as work

  49. TZ Chen
    TZ Chen
    10 timmar sedan

    The descriptive end taxonomically sniff because israel neuropathologically greet between a complete wednesday. tightfisted, previous energy

  50. Brittany Hill
    Brittany Hill
    10 timmar sedan

    My question is HOW THE HELL these people find each other? You know they're too cheap for dates so how do they find each other? Is there a dating website? Am I missing something? 🤔🤯

  51. Shamigo Rico
    Shamigo Rico
    10 timmar sedan

    They should divorce then take the kids to an adoption center do that they actually live a better life

    1. waffle _
      waffle _
      10 timmar sedan


  52. DiggerTheDog
    10 timmar sedan

    The amount of money they’ve spent on duct tape surely outweighs the amount they’re saving on pan handles and water etc.

  53. Mares
    11 timmar sedan

    I love how pewds is a millionaire but still gets shocked when he finds out how expensive carpet is 😂😂

  54. Secret Horse
    Secret Horse
    11 timmar sedan

    As the owner of 6 egg-laying hens, I can assure you that the chickens will never "pay for themselves in eggs". You need to build/buy a coop and a run, then you need to constantly buy bedding, food, and supplements (calcium is important for egg production and even the "calcium fortified" food doesn't actually have enough calcium in it). You also need to clean their living area all the time to keep it sanitary as birds are damn disgusting. You also need to fox/coyote/hawk/etc-proof your coop and run - I use blinking red LEDs that mimic the eyes of a predator. If you're in a cold winter area, you also need to figure out how to keep their water from freezing, which is nigh-impossible without running electricity to the habitat. Anyway, chickens are really cute and goofy and fresh eggs are a fun novelty, but the whole homesteading chickens thing is really not going to be profitable unless you're subsidizing your costs somehow (like if you happen to grow your own food and bedding and already have all the habitat materials left over from other projects or something).

  55. Agustin Ortiz santiago
    Agustin Ortiz santiago
    11 timmar sedan

    Felix being big brain for 21:52 mins

  56. Chromo _CR
    Chromo _CR
    11 timmar sedan

    anyone else know what coco melon is lmao

  57. Dave Kwok
    Dave Kwok
    11 timmar sedan

    It’s clear that these people are intentionally living like this to keep the title of being the cheapest family and also being on TLC.

  58. Shiroko Kurobane
    Shiroko Kurobane
    11 timmar sedan

    14:40 The way he said no 😭

  59. NoobMaster69
    11 timmar sedan

    I bet that they are one of those people who have like 100k+ in their bank account but refuse to spend it. If anything worse then hoarding stuff in your house, it's hoarding money in you bank account and not spending it. Saving it for the "rainy days"

  60. NoobMaster69
    11 timmar sedan

    Wait!... You can do arrow formations?? ☺️

  61. TornadoChaser72
    12 timmar sedan

    They don’t seem to understand how cheap water is. The price of washing up water is like £1 a year

  62. ForgeofSouls
    12 timmar sedan


  63. Al The Beastly
    Al The Beastly
    12 timmar sedan

    This is fake af

  64. Florence
    12 timmar sedan

    My friend buys a whole cow and pays for it to be cut up and they deep freeze the whole thing and lasts the year and its so damn cheap.

  65. Luca Burli
    Luca Burli
    12 timmar sedan

    If the carpets dirty just put a rug over it

  66. Princess Gian Mica Atienza
    Princess Gian Mica Atienza
    12 timmar sedan

    Sssniperwolf and pewds collab will really make my whole decade.🙄😭🥺☹💗

  67. Florence
    12 timmar sedan

    You know these kids never gonna invite their friends over... Ever. Also... Why ddint they just clean the damn carpet... Coulda borrowed a carpet cleaner.. Its not cheap its dumb.

  68. User13
    13 timmar sedan

    I’m so confused how is the house that big ! But she asked the neighbors for food 🙈🤣

  69. Helmininack
    13 timmar sedan

    those pliers are more expensive than the shit that broke

  70. User13
    13 timmar sedan

    It’s saved them 30 grand.. well were the hell is the 30 grand they saved I’m so lost

  71. Joe Nuts
    Joe Nuts
    13 timmar sedan


  72. squidud
    13 timmar sedan

    IMO the worst part about this is those kids probably got bullied soooo hard.

  73. Helmininack
    13 timmar sedan

    if they patched the carpet it would be horribly obvious and shitty

    1. Helmininack
      13 timmar sedan

      lol he could have done a lot better than that. he didnt even cut enough carpet out

  74. Conrad Smith
    Conrad Smith
    13 timmar sedan

    Just imagine what guests who come over are gonna think when they hear that the bacon they are eating was slaughtered in the backyard.

  75. Madison Iacone
    Madison Iacone
    14 timmar sedan

    they could have gone to Lowe's and rented a carpet cleaner and it would have looked better, and cost $10 more

  76. Nate G
    Nate G
    14 timmar sedan

    Why not just pay Stanly steamers $50 to deep steam clean your carpet?

  77. Johann Wright Gillon
    Johann Wright Gillon
    14 timmar sedan

    When I saw the into I was just likeeee yessssssssssss

  78. Emma Rose
    Emma Rose
    14 timmar sedan

    Why do they even want a bigger house?? That doesn’t sound cheap

  79. Slein
    14 timmar sedan


  80. Luis Deleon
    Luis Deleon
    14 timmar sedan

    Think about how dirty those toilet pliers were👀. COVID got me thinkin “yoooo shes touchin it wtf!!”

  81. noodle head
    noodle head
    14 timmar sedan

    imagine your neighbor asking to borrow your couch 💀

  82. Marcmoo Gaming
    Marcmoo Gaming
    14 timmar sedan

    Sorry felix but I gotta leave a dislike from the amount of times I threw up after watching the carpet

  83. IHe4rtMus1c
    14 timmar sedan

    I watch YOU on 1.5x speed 'cause your lips are moving too slow 👄

  84. Kevin Liu
    Kevin Liu
    14 timmar sedan

    pewds can you make the tlc sound louder next time?

  85. Andy Pinette
    Andy Pinette
    14 timmar sedan

    Ngl it bothers me that they dont seem to know how to do basic repairs

  86. Daniel Kočiš
    Daniel Kočiš
    15 timmar sedan

    Rip PewDiePie subscribers Indians dont wanna subscribe

  87. KennyPanDulce
    15 timmar sedan

    If they cut down the soda bottle it'd work better 👍

  88. Roberts Grudulis
    Roberts Grudulis
    15 timmar sedan

    I don't understand - they live in a big house and seem to have good clothes... what are you saving money for? Like you shit-fix all the stuff and reuse water to save money, but what for? where does the saved money goes? it just sits somewhere? the fuck?

  89. Hedge Fund
    Hedge Fund
    15 timmar sedan

    Kids sitting on the floor -> back problems later in life Cleaning dishes in used water -> possible food poisoning Using a wrench as a handle for a broken pan -> burnt hands up the wazoo Sometimes being cheap costs you more than spending money

  90. Claire smith
    Claire smith
    15 timmar sedan

    Jordan is a successful youtuber 🤦🏼‍♀️

  91. Corey Pollard
    Corey Pollard
    15 timmar sedan

    Um... no. You absolutely cannot get little squares of carpet to patch your current carpet. Pewdiepie get your head outta your ass.

  92. The polls Channel
    The polls Channel
    15 timmar sedan

    Dude the intro

    15 timmar sedan

    Haikyuu + One Punch Man = PewDiePie intro

  94. Ranger David
    Ranger David
    15 timmar sedan

    I love America and stuff but living in this country with these people kind of pissed me off

  95. Corey Livingston
    Corey Livingston
    15 timmar sedan

    The real cheapest family is the family on the side of the road.

  96. Elena
    15 timmar sedan

    when i first pressed on the video and saw the intro i was like " wait did i accidentally tap on a different vid? " LMFAOO

  97. Elena
    16 timmar sedan

    ngl i thought the intro was from haikyuu

  98. Alex
    16 timmar sedan

    America's worst fucking DIY. Disgusting

  99. Poonam Dogra
    Poonam Dogra
    16 timmar sedan


  100. Xuanwei Li
    Xuanwei Li
    16 timmar sedan

    Me watching your vid 2x makes it 4x speed content. 🤯